Dunfermline, Flash Freddie and Eclipse. Eastlands herd on the hill.

Oh hey cutie pie!
Eastlands Flash Freddie


Who even needs stirrups? Not Lucinda Fredericks.

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Anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm going to uni in September and I want to join the equestrian society, just wondering if you know if it's a situation where you need your own horse or? Just there's no way I can afford to board my horse in Edinburgh :L


Hey! Are you coming to Heriot Watt? With any uni to join the eq club you don’t need your own horse. We use the stables that we train at horses and when competing each uni holds the comp at their training yard. :) hope this helps!


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Eastlands Flash Freddie, my Connemara yearling

Expect to be spammed with Freddie photos on my return.

Oh Jacob you absolute poser!

He’s gorgeous, but then again I’m bias.


Carl Hester, Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro.

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omg I just found out 500px gifs can be 2MB, hallelujah

This is incredibly relaxing to just and watch over and over

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