Hello! I'm Leona and I've been riding basically since I could walk. Got into it properly when I was about 6... I've got two gorgeous boys of my own; Jacob, who is a Fell pony, and Freddie who is a Connemara. I also ride and compete for my University team. Feel free to ask me anything, I am happy to chat.

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  • baysfordays:

    tailored gang

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  • So my boy has found a girlfriend… He’s gelded but had covered before. Hopefully he won’t try anything with her!

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  • So the boy arrived at his aunty Emma’s for boot camp. He’s out with two mare’s and a gelding but choose to hang out with the bull and cows. That’s my boy.

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    defiant and obnoxious x

    attitude right there

    😂 his ego is the size of russia

    I love this pony

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    The spiderwebs looked so cool in the mist this morning 🌀

    This is awesome!

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  • Anonymous asked : Hey! Did you get to Burghley this weekend? Or see any of it on TV?

    Nooo I’m in Florida so missed the whole thing! :’(
    However Florida is fantastic so can’t complain!

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    'Equestrians need to have the concentration and ability to judge distance like a golfer, the strength and stamina of a hockey player, and the artistic flow and ability to make a hard thing look easy and elegant like a ballerina.' - Unknown

    Gif set spam part 4

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